Follow this Local Guide if You are Visiting Copenhagen this Year

The localities suggest to explore the hidden places in Copenhagen on a bike. You just have to rent one and explore the unexplored and underrated places that you will never find on a guidebook. Never forget to pay a visit to Nørrebro and Vesterbro by bike as there are many small streets. And if you are looking for accommodation, have a look at these hotel apartments in Copenhagen.


This bike route stretched for 13 km around the harbor has the rarest view of the city. It has a blend of both modern and old architecture that entails the Opera House, Royal Library and Blox as well as the museums, offices, gyms, restaurants and housing. Also visit the main harbor canal like the Cirkelbroen which was designed by an artist named Olafur Eliasson.

Assistens Cemetery

The heart of Nørrebro at Assistens Kirkegård has a beautiful churchyard where people bury their loved ones nonetheless. It also has a park where the locals visit to sunbathe, celebrate many events and organize picnics as well. The churchyard is as old as the 1760s and you can also find the graves of Søren Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen. Nørrebro is deemed the literary and spiritual center of the country. When the Assistens was opened, the sailors brought trees and plants from all over the world and hence the greenery.


If you feel hungry after walking around the churchyard, head to the small restaurants at the Elmegade area. It has a sushi place which goes by the name, Selfish. But the best among all is the Manfreds. It is probably the only veggie focused food haunt in the world famous for its raw meat. It is a steak tartare with cress and rye bread. Most of the food and wine available there is organic, and the veggies come from the Manfred’s own farm which is located approx. 40 km away.

The Royal Library

Enjoy the waterfront outside the Black Diamond, there is a library which is deemed the most important architectural landmarks in Copenhagen. There is also a concert hall, a bookshop and a tiny café inside the library. There is an old reading hall on the second floor. There is also a bridge that connects the old and new buildings. The ceiling of this library is adorned by a Danish artist named Per Kirkeby who use a 210 m fresco.

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